philosophy unbound

We reflect the process of research and opening-up from a permeating observer’s perspective.

For the biennial research programme Stoffwechsel – Ecologies of Collaboration we were invited to reflect the process of research and opening-up from a permeating observer’s perspective. We participate in the various labs, workshops, trainings and events, let ourselves be swept along by content, try to contribute input, feedback, references and philosophical order of terms, and subsequently create a meta-basis in the shape of textual reflection. We attempt to mirror possible problematic points and to place barbs in productive places. Furthermore, we are ready for performative intervention and other unexpected forms of participation.

The collective PHILOSOPHY UNBOUND was founded out of the desire to open up a space for philosophy which offers more possibilities of development than its natural habitat, the university. We believe that philosophy can also find itself outside the secure and rigidly defined academic places, where it may strike up intriguing, unexpected connections and thus access more interesting conceptual spaces. Up to now, we have mainly engaged in the commingling of philosophy and club culture and theatre settings, but we are also open for a lot of other encounters.

We want to open up this space for as many people as possible – keeping the threshold as low as possible – and offer the chance to approach one’s own disencrusting, opening and expansion. To this end we’re holding workshops, performance evenings, interventions, club nights, produce performances of our own, and welcome further experiments with open arms. Philosophy can sing, write, dance, shout, make music, play act, and much more – we fend for a permanent fresh delimitation of the possibilities within the area of philosophy/philosophies, always keeping in mind that failure is part of every productive process.