transdisciplinary lab and training

Sun., April 24 2016 to
Sat., April 30 2016

mit Benoit Lachambre

The kinaesthetic, explorative, innovative approach to movement and improvisation of the French Canadian choreographer and performer Benoît Lachambre leaves marked traces in the contemporary dance and performance scene. He’s there, always exploring, in search of the authenticity of gestures, based on his work with heightened senses, from exactly that point where the artistic and the somatic become necessity.

Lachambre works profoundly with methods of experimental anatomy, where the human being in its evolutionary development is part of the world’s different species, composed of similar materials.

This practical engagement from the perspective of dance and performance is significant as well as radical, and leads to transformations beyond the area of self-perception, crossing over into the analysis of gestures within their context and their space – a living space. Lachambre develops a language based simultaneously on the present and the future of authentic consciousness. In his artistic works he consequently tries to fathom and modify the performer’s empathic space of experience with regard to the audience. His methodical approach is just as enriching for dancers, choreographers, and performers as they are for people from other disciplines or professional background.

Benoît Lachambre will be presenting his working method for a week in a daily 2-hour training. Performers from the fields of performing and visual arts are invited to take part.

In this transdisciplinary lab, the participating artists of the Stoffwechsel core team enter into mutual exchange with their different working procedures. Benoît Lachambre will discuss the practice of his current performance work.