Fault lines

for a third space of performance

A research-work by Jack Hauser and guests

Jack Hauser has now developed fictionautic interventions and situations (Wohnung Miryam van Doren, DANCE AS A TOOL, …) for 21 years. Via the offer of pulp science fiction, Jack Hauser creates a common field of remembrance with numerous references following a logic of lines, colours, similarities and performative acts. This experience of the elastic construction of social, autonomous, accidental and repeated matters again and again opens up new possibilities of manifold relations between human beings and materials.

The third space of performance is created not as an assertion, it arises as a fault line of the two layered continents VISUAL ART & THEATRE ART. Both continents have a varied experience with ephemeral materials and figurative or form union concretisations. Now the REAL moves these two continents toward each other. The resulting fault line reveals new landscapes.

During 2016 Jack Hauser is invited to share his practical-theoretical examination four times within the frame of a public performative discourse.