Axel Brom

UMHERZIEHEN IN SIMMERING from and with Axel Brom and Claudia Heu

What can happen? What can come into being? What can one come across?We postulate that in our time an upright, present, open and aware body necessarily also is a political body. A body that is not permanently engaged, and therefore separated from its surroundings and the present, but an attendant body creating an open present. Which actions and gestures could come up in this awareness? What opens up behind the social and mostly unuttered rules of public space? Is there the possibility to experience new spaces and spaces anew, and thus new ways of encounter? Is there the possibility for a different and perhaps new intercourse with humans, nature, and things? We are interested in opening up a space of social diversity. For this we would like especially to invite all those in whose everyday life dealing with art and the body is not in the foreground. Will a similar space or field open up for people who have no body and awareness training as for those with much experience with body and presence? Does roaming have a specific language? Or does it have a universally valid language beyond training and agreed codes?


Which potential does pausing carry? Can we consciously practise it? Can there also be pausing in roaming? Which yet unknown, possibly also forgotten spaces will open up if we embrace time and that which time drives into our arms? What can happen? What can we come across? What can come into being? What happens to the self of which we are always speaking? What happens to the You, the other, the alien? Pausing. Interrupting. Taking a break. Being. Stance.

Claudia Heu and Axel Brom roam Vienna.

AXEL BROM is author, daily 13,764 steps through the VII district.