Stoffwechsel – Ecologies of Collaboration is a biennial transmedia research project with differently involved artists and theoreticans, experimenting with structural and artistic entanglements.

Setting out from this, we focus our attention on the mutual permeations of various material and immaterial forms: How does art reflect? How does reflection with materials show in and through that material? How does this influence our social relationship patterns? And how can another concept of the world and its potentials of togetherness be made tangible and accessible to an audience?

We trust the friendship between art and philosophy, and we believe in collaborations that are not primarily moulded by efficient commodity thinking. By further exploring concepts of art as life practice and as a mode of seeing the world, we want to counteract tendencies which more and more incorporate artistic practices into the neo-capitalist market.

We deal with different implementations of existence – humans, plants, animals, inanimate nature – and their actionabilities; we want to fathom the interspaces of nature / culture / technology, and find a new perspective on the relationship between subject and object.

Stoffwechsel – Ecologies of Collaboration wants to enable conditions for different ways of getting involved and a deeper engagement with the extended concept of choreography and its trans-disciplinary connections, and in this way also let Im_flieger rediscover its artistic and social body, and think and work it differently.

The core team of the biennial research project consists of seven artists from various disciplines which initially elaborate singular settings as artists in residence. During this period labs will be held in which other invited artists and theoreticians offer and share their research, and deepen it with and through the group.

The aim of this interweaving of residencies and labs is to support the development of alternative working situations and collaborations. The processes are shared with the audience in numerous publications, and form the building materials for an organically growing platform as the blueprint of an ecology of collaboration.

In July, 2016 the respective performative artistic and discursive settings are brought together for mutual exchange in the shape of a public workshop. Starting out from this, the subsequent development until 2017 will be planned. The individual artistic settings are examined regarding axioms and alignments, and thus get enlarged. This creates sustainability which invites and creates new topics out of the already grown.

The entire work process is investigated, reflected and accompanied theoretically as well as discursively. Emerging and associated materials (text, image, sound, …) of artistic research are continuously published by the participating artists and theoreticians on this homepage.

Metabolism as a platform – as exchange, amalgamation and parasitism – of human and non-human collectives sharing a common, vulnerable existence.