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Mon., October 16 2017
8:00 pm

Nikolaus Gansterer / experimental arrangement

Grafik: dontcry.work

In his artistic practice Nikolaus Gansterer deals with issues regarding the notation of perception processes and the emergence of sense and the sensual. By way of an experimental test arrangements consisting of objects, texts and timing devides, Gansterer will reflect upon important points of reference of his diagrammatic approach, and invite visitors to aktivate and test his installative score in the room step by step. The sculptor and performer is especially interested in the question how objects can be extended along the categories of space and time, movement and imagination in order to undercut the imaginary boundaries betwen thought and matter, work, environment, and recipient. www.gansterer.org

) ( ) ( is part of Stoffwechsel ARTIST'S SPACE
From October 10-25, 2017 (except Sat) // 4pm-9pm

Visit any time/ Free admission
Location: Im_flieger @ SCHUTZHAUS ZUKUNFT auf der Schmelz, 1150 Vienna
Public transport: U3 -> Johnstraße,
Bus 10A / 12A ->Auf der Schmelz, 48A -> Camillo-Sitte-Gasse,
Tram 9 -> Guntherstraße