Alfred Lenz

In my current artistic practice, various, often antiquated musical instruments are enhanced by mechanical and electronic components, enabling them to play by themselves (without musicians). For the first time, the interactive possibilities of implementing such machines shall be researched and put to the test. Together with the participants of the STOFFWECHSEL platform we will experiment with these devices discursively and practically. The process will raise questions concerning interdisciplinarity, man-machine symbiosis, movement, body, time, digitality, and many more.

ALFRED LENZ (AT) is based in Vienna and Studenzen /Styria, studied Transmedia Art at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna and sound engineer at Tone Art Vienna. He was Erasmus Student at the department for Generative Art at the Berlin University of the Arts. He worked at the Sema Nanji Residency at the Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea. With the composer Christian F. Schiller he initiated the projects Piano Feedback Distortion and Studenzen Studios. Since 1998 he produced electronic music, released on various record labels in Germany, Austria and the UK. Since 2008 several solo and group exhibitions in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Southkorea and USA.