To force the scene to relinquish its vacancies.

Via the allusive accumulation in and through space we attempt to force the scene to relinquish its vacancies. This unseizable and unstable material maintains itself as a logical image of electromagnetic waves or fluctuations of density and pressure. Due to this logical image’s constant danger of collapsing back upon itself, a dramaturgical dependency on itself opens up which in the simulation appears to sense its untraceable origin. Viruses do not have a metabolism of their own.


TE–R (AT/DE) variable collective for artistic work, founded in 2014 by Louise Linsenbolz (DE/AT) and Thomas Wagensommerer (AT) in Vienna. Investigating the interleaving of film, video, and installation. Conceiving a reinterpretation of the extended media space and its dramaturgical possibilities. Elaboration of originary over-aestheticisation. Transformation and utilisation of found material, and development of genuine stratégies for physical effectiveness.

Performances / screenings / installations (selection):
Holiday courses for new music Darmstadt, Tanzquartier Vienna, Konzerthaus Vienna, Festival Des Cinémas Différents Et Expérimentaux De Paris, Al Este de Lima, Shed 8 Bregenz (Vorarlberg/Austria), Palais Kabelwerk Vienna, Radiokulturhaus Vienna, Zimmermann Kratochwill Gallery Graz (Styria/Austria), Stadssschouwburg Sint-Niklaas (Belgium), Wien Modern, etc.