Sun., June 11 2017

Frans Poelstra

In The Probable Trust Registry, the piece in which Adrian Piper received top honors at the Venice Biennale in 2015, Piper asked visitors to sign contracts with themselves adhering to one of a trio of posted statements (for instance, one read, "I will always do what I say I am going to do."). In a statement accompanying the award, the jury said: "Piper has reformed conceptual practice to include personal subjectivity—of herself, her audience, and the publics in general." They also noted that the piece asks its audience "to engage in a lifelong performance of personal responsibility.

a little story ;-)

it must have been 1968. we were pretty stoned, sitting in the garage of a friend and listening to the soft machine. then somebody said: „turn the music off, it’s too good, otherwise i die!”

Being a father and an artist our 12 year old daughter says things like: "Eating fruit in the morning doesn't fit into my concept."