a movement

Wed., April 20 2016
8:00 pm

A research of gestures in motion

Photo: Markus Sepperer
Background: draft of the EU flag, Rem Koohlhaas


a movement is the beginning of my exploration of a transnational community. I am following the question of European identity/identities, putting them into the body. In search of signs and gestures signalising an affirmation of plurality and difference, of symbols of inclusion already existing and emerging besides the EU flag’s christian appearance.

The evening takes place in the shape of a performative conversation, in which my body’s cultural and subjective knowledge also expresses itself. The body’s thinking in movements generating and dissolving identity, in legible and illegible (abstract) signs is investigated.

A complex thinking process about our conception of democracy and identity seems important to me. How can we live democracy without being directly bound to a national state? How can identity, dynamic and never wholly completed and certain, still give a feeling of security?

a movement connects to the spirit of the diem25 movement, founded in February 2016 by Yanis Varoufakis, and giving the process of bringing the demos back to democracy 25 years.

April 20 is the first invitation to think about Europe together and get our thoughts moving, translate them – seriously, playfully, poetically, pragmatically. In an examination of possibilities.

A polling booth for your movement voice – a gesture for Europe – is waiting for you.

possible futures