Tue., October 17 2017
8:00 pm

TE -R (Thomas Wagensommerer & Louise Linsenbolz) / Sound Intervention


Via the allusive accumulation in and through space we attempt to force the scene to relinquish its vacancies. This unseizable and unstable material maintains itself as a logical image of electromagnetic waves or fluctuations of density and pressure. Due to this logical image’s constant danger of collapsing back upon itself, a dramaturgical dependency on itself opens up which in the simulation appears to sense its untraceable origin. Viruses do not have a metabolism of their own.

CAT CALL is part of Stoffwechsel ARTIST'S SPACE
From October 10-25, 2017 (except Sat) // 4pm-9pm

Visit any time/ Free admission
Location: Im_flieger @ SCHUTZHAUS ZUKUNFT auf der Schmelz, 1150 Vienna
Public transport: U3 -> Johnstraße,
Bus 10A / 12A ->Auf der Schmelz, 48A -> Camillo-Sitte-Gasse,
Tram 9 -> Guntherstraße