Wed., April 5 2017

A field-research

Photo: Lilo Nein

The artist and performer Lisa Hinterreithner explores visual, spatial, and physical patterns as alterable events. Space, materials and human bodies are approached as abstract-poetical scenes of patterns. According to the art theoretician Annette Tietenberg, patterns are suitable for non-verbal communication systems. How does this apply within an artificial situation such as, e.g., a performance? Can patterns function as a “social bond” between space, performer, and audience by transferring, combining and transforming them?

The Residency is part of a project on the theme of patterns, which the performance artist Lisa Hinterreithner is about to develop together with the visual artist Lilo Nein. A live performance in winter will be given in collaboration with the musician Elise Mory.

Start 19.30

Gaudenzdorfergürtel 43–45, 1120 Wien

Pay as you wish