Lisa Hinterreithner

Lisa Hinterreithner explores visual, spatial, and physical patterns as alterable events. Space, materials and human bodies are approached as abstract-poetical scenes of patterns. According to the art theoretician Annette Tietenberg, patterns are suitable for non-verbal communication systems. How does this apply within an artificial situation such as, e.g., a performance? Can patters function as a «social bond» between space, performer, and audience by transferring, combining and transforming them?
The Residency is part of a project on the theme of patterns, which the performance artist Lisa Hinterreithner is about to develop together with the visual artist Lilo Nein. A live performance in winter will be given in collaboration with the musician Elise Mory.

The performance artist Lisa Hinterreithner addresses in her performances and installations body, text, images and objects. Her work takes place on stages, in galleries, in the woods and on paper. Her latest performances include Do-Undo (Galerie 5020, Salzburg) in January 2017; It might be windy, it will be dark in cooperation with Laura Navndrup Black (tanz_house festival 2016, the rat, Salzburg); Letting go of Things (Performing New Europe Festival 2016, republic, Salzburg); the series of performances The Call of Things (amongst others at Tanzquartier Wien, Galerie 5020 and ACF London) as well as the performance Mezzanin (ImpulsTanz Festival) in 2014/15 with Jack Hauser. Together with Martina Ruhsam she created in 2014 the work A scripted situation (amongst others at Tanzquartier Wien 2015) which was awarded with the Landespreis für kulturelle Bildung 2016, Salzburg. Lisa Hinterreithner is teaching creative research at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance), at the University of Vienna and at the Den Danske Scenekunstscole, Copenhagen. With Elfi Eberhard she curates since 2007 the research platform tanzbuero. In 2014 she received a Master (MRes) in Performance and Creative Research from Roehampton University/London.