Neverending Fire… & This Cat Can Play...

Thu., June 16 2016
8:00 pm

Neverending Fire Opening Up Unfinished // Sabina Holzer & This Cat Can Play Anything // TE -R

Foto: Sabina Holzer

They encounter a world which they never left, and which is another one. They develop models. Simulation. Contingency. The meaning of reality can only be created through movement. Micro-movements of sensation (= elementary processes caused by stimulating effects). The limits of language mean the boundaries of the world. Logic fills the world. The subject does not belong to the world, but it is a boundary of the world. Ardent. Aghast. Body, materiality, space. It glances to and fro. It turns hither and thither.
Everything physical and material has experiences, and experiences something akin to thought. With these connections, it decides which traces (= invitations) to follow, and. 
World becomes.