INJECTED NOTES_2 by Christian Hansen

Mo., 27. Juni 2016

From the protocol noted during INJECTION im AILab read during GLORIOUS WEIRDNESS OF ART AND COSMIC: LIVE! (2.Beispiel)

Protocol highlights
10.00: Smoke smell, this isn’t early, we’re already working.
Furniture with life-size cucumbers.
10.52: See a reflection of my fingers and eyebrows crammed around a Canon G10, in the view finder is an 8mm film camera and a projected blue square with a clock in the corner counting down from 10 or 14.
11.04: Daniel puts his phone charger in the electrical outlet by the window, Satu is still a salamander, red with white dots. The kitchen has moved, we need to stretch our elastics and later deal with the ceiling in the front room.
11.16: Saw an image of a person looking out from behind a tree sowing out of the
wooding boards that constitutes the basic structure of the kitchen. The ghosts are not sleeping in the basement anymore.
11.38: Would you like to see a reverse video of the basement?
11.40: A man dressed up like the white walls stands talking on the phone out in the back of the gallery.
12.02: What appears to be music makes the ninja dance. Why is there a box with a glass plate covering the top under each window?
14.43: Thanks for a very tasty lunch, it’s time to back in our bodies.
16.22: Counting without calculations. One person is scanning a foot through a sewn map while Jack follows Kroot around with a video camera. Many more are deeply into almost invisible details.
17.10: Good tunes appear.
20.40: The music box plays Amazing Grace by the order of an owl coming out of a
22.17: Quiet here, things are being prepared, I play with tinfoil.
00.20: Only when it rains does it rain.
00.37: It’s been a long time since Rock and Roll.