Work, Art & a Good Life #1

Fr., 20. April 2018
19:00 Uhr

Lecture and Discussion

What is artistic work? What kind of worker is an artist? Could it be a paradigm for post-industrial work-relationships? And if so, would this point towards creative liberation or neoliberal self-exploitation? What utopian potential can we find today in an "Avantgardist" fusion of art and life?

19.00 Towards an Emancipatory Reconciliation of Art and Life // Lecture by MICHAEL HIRSCH (DE/ philosopher and political scientist, works as freelance writer and lecturer)

20.00 Case examples, analysis and reflection about the current working conditions of the local independent dance- and performance field
by WIENER PERSPEKTIVE/working group SALARY LEVELS - WP open platform of the independent dance/performance/theatre scene in Vienna
& Anita Kaya / Im_flieger
Moderation: Kilian Jörg / philosopher (A)

Im_flieger@Depot, Breitegasse 3, 1070 Wien (U2/U3 Volkstheater)
in cooperation with DEPOT
Free entrance

!! Work, Art & a Good Life #1 - Reflection and Digestion !!
Sat 21.04.2018 // 11.00-14.00
Im_flieger@Bräuhausgasse 40/Souterrain/1, 1050 Wien (U4 Pilgramgasse)

A lunch gathering to digest the Friday evening’s outcome in a more intimate setting. Food will be served.
Limited capacity! Please register under