Kilian Jörg

In the framework of Stoffwechsel – Ökologien der Zusammenarbeit Kilian Jörg deals with the Resilience of Modernism: the inner constitution and the seemingly never-ending fascination of the majority-oriented administrative patterns of European modern times. Although the ecological, social, political and gender-hegemonial effects have been known for a long time, we obviously cannot get away from this frantic progress apparatus – it is spreading further over a globe our calculations have already indicated to be twice or even thrice depleted. Kilian Jörg tries to track this hangover in permanent backlash and standstill sensually on his own body – joyfully inhaling the dirt of the machine in order to escape abidance driven by resentment.

KILIAN JÖRG works at the multimedial interfaces between philosophy and art. For this purpose he employs the expression of text as well as those of installation, performance, and music. He works as a DJ, is founder of the collektive philosophy unbound, and operates in Vienna, Berlin, and Brussels. His main field of research is that of ecological epistemology.