extended present with kitsch

Sat., February 20 2021

Video by Alfred Lenz

created in the context of Stoffwechsel Denkkollektivs #5 - touched



Videostill: extended present with kitsch /Alfred Lenz


Dear StoffwechslerInnen,

for me it is currently not an option to meet physically, as I am quite 
cautious and
do not know how my immune system would deal with the virus.

But I have thought about something that I could contribute from my workplace 
and that deals with the topic in a virtual way.

I would like to do a video and sound work where I would use 
body parts of us StoffwechslerInnen into a kind of superorganism.

For this I would need photographed, unclothed body parts of you 
preferably with a unicolored background, so that I can cut them out well. 

Furthermore, I would like to include text fragments from you in the sound part, 
which are recorded before or during the thinking collective.

What do you think ?

Kind regards !