From Text to Scores

Tue., May 17 2016

Translation of my research text »Verschreibungen« in 7 scores to a shared practical setting of 40 min during the research with Benoit Lachambre.

Warm up (inspired by the research on fascia by Kerstin Kussmaul):
-- 20 min of irregular shaking to get in contact with your fascia.

-- Make a drawing with your eyes closed. Draw till a word appears in your mind, which you want to write down.

-- 10 min with a partner: one lies down, the other is exploring attentivly fascia of the partner with gentle touches.


You are invited to be guided and engage with your body and physical sensations the next 40 minutes.
This means, you need not to be always in a vertical, upright position; you are invited to sit and lie on the ground, to crawl or roll and find your way to move through space.
Please engage with at least 2 scores during the 40 minutes.

  • Move around space with your eyes closed and open them just for an instant, as if your eyes are a camera and you make a photo.
  • Meet someone by starting to look him / her in the eyes.
  • Sing your midnight song till the morning rise.
  • Make a free-writing session for at least 10 minutes.
  • Be a guardian angel. Follow someone and support his / her actions in every way that feels right (or left).
  • Translate one of the drawings in your meduim (movement, writing, sound etc.)
  • Make a dance to heal the (some) ghosts. Find the appropriate place for it.

If you go from one score to the next, make a drawing with eyes closed until a word
appears in your mind you want to write down.


The drawings have been
made by the participants
during the session.