Sabina Holzer

VERSCHREIBUNGEN (performative and installative exercise of placing the placeless)

How to begin when things happen before they happen?

Simply take off. Be on one’s way. The path ramifies, like the nervous system. Ramifying relationships. Out of these delicate ducts, cavities, lines, this continuous pulsation, this noise, this silence, these transitions – reading. Reading in order to write.

The materiality of writing. Immateriality of bodies. The physical leaves inscriptions: entropic flow, feedbacks, transgressions. Fathomless the nervous system is embedded in its surroundings, spreading out, leaving traces and building machines. Embedded like the nervous system, fathomlessly I seek simplicity: colours, sounds, desires, depressions, … investigating interweaves, textures of matter. Quite everyday. Even if the background forms the restless twilight that populates my dreams. My raw material is an ecriture. Restless night writing. Sometimes, glittering, sparkling. Phantasmal uprushes everywhere. As if we stood before a national catastrophe, although the nation state has long ceased to exist. I keep to my unexpected passion for facts and circumstances. I become. Singular. Plural. I enter the world I never left, which is another. Contingency.

And, not to forget: the structure of the atom is invisible, but we know of it. I know of many things I cannot see. And so do you.

SABINA HOLZER (AT) is a dance and performance artist and a writer based in Vienna. She worked in projects with Robert Steijn (NL), Fabian Chyle (D), Bilderwerfer (AT), Toxic Dreams (AT), Vera Mantero (PT), Philipp Gehmacher (AT), Lux Flux (AT), Machfeld (AT) and Milli Bitterli (AT), Jeroen Peeters (B). In 2005 she has started cooperating closely with the fine artist Jack Hauser. Together they create performances, interventions in public space and galleries as well as in theaters and museums, such as the Tanzquartier Wien; Lentos Museum of Modern Art, Linz; WUK; Essl Museum; Hidden Museum; Documenta 13 and University of visual Arts Vienna. She organizes and is invited for transmedial-settings and collaborative research projects at the intersection of theory and practice internationally.