Mon., May 29 2017
8:00 pm

An experimental arrangement

Photo: Sabina Holzer, JL. Godard, Eloge de l'amour

And because the performer and author Sabina Holzer’s engagement with writing and materiality has led to body and movement, has abducted, perhaps seduced her, this is a – conduction. An invitation to try something. Writing the space, for instance. Developing a common texture. A cast. With and without wands. Which stories will conjure themselves?

Sabina Holzer investigates the possibilities of creating a situation in which a joint sensitisation for space and time – and thus for togetherness – can take effect. Situation here should be understood as “situation of…”, i.e., without explicit reference to a subject. Rather, the reference is to something situated – seated, put, affected – and our personal movements with these circumstances. Thus this togetherness also is an engagement with presences and absences, and their interplay.

Concept and performance: Sabina Holzer
Artistic accompaniment: Jack Hauser

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Gaudenzdorfergürtel 43 - 45 / 4.Stock
1120 Wien