How to move.

Di., 4. August 2020

Künstlerische Forschung der Sinne mit: Alfred Lenz, Anita Kaya, Claudia Heu, Lisa Hinterreithner, Jack Hauser, Kilian Jörg, Sabina Holzer, Sara Lanner.

How to move. How to move. How to move from settle on top to inside.
How to move stabilization from top to inside. To embrace to not settle.
To embrace not to arrange. To speak. To speak. To spoke. With the spoke.
To poke away at what it is that is wrong in that world we are all in together.
To push far what is with it is incorrect in this world which all the small ones
are us in the unit.
(Juliana Spahr)

Fotos: Sabina Holzer


2 Tage im Schwarzenbergpark während dem 1.Teil des Denkkollektiv #4 "Körper und Vernünfte" von Sabina Holzer und Kilian Jörg.